If you’re looking for eco-friendly baby clothes, natural skincare products, or a pride collection for youth and adults, the Canadian company mini mioche is definitely a place to go.

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You can visit mini mioche in person at their Toronto, Ontario location or conveniently online from your home.

So, what’s behind this eco-friendly business?

The mini mioche Background

mini mioche was founded by the president, Alyssa Kerbel, 11 years ago. She started the business as something to fill a personal need because she couldn’t find the simple, gender-neutral styles she wanted for her new daughter.

It was also important to her that the clothing be sustainable and ethical, so she set out to create what she couldn’t source anywhere else at that time.

mini mioche developed into a business that respects people and the environment. It is eco-friendly and gives back to the community.

Where Is mini mioche Located?

mini mioche has a showroom located at 795 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, and a website where you can place orders.

The organic cotton yarn they use is imported from India and Korea, but all mini mioche clothing is designed and made in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (More about the eco-friendly aspect below.)

What Does mini mioche Offer?

mini mioche started as a baby clothing line but has expanded to include skincare products and a pride collection.

Children’s Clothing

The children’s clothing made from soft organic cotton includes:

  • tops and bottoms
  • rompers and onesies
  • dresses
  • sleepwear
  • masks
  • socks, bows, hats, and bibs

The kids’ clothes are available in sizes from infant up to youth, which covers a wide range for growing families.

Skincare Products

The mini mioche natural skincare line for babies and moms includes:

  • baby sunscreen cream
  • baby sunscreen stick
  • baby lip and cheek balm
  • baby diaper cream
  • mom belly jelly

The skincare products cover all of baby’s needs and are gentle and safe. They would probably work well for adults, too, especially if you’re looking for products that are good for sensitive skin.

The Pride Collection

mini mioche also has a collection of pride clothing (shirts) that are available in youth and adult sizes. It’s a great way to have a family pride look.

Shipping and Returns

mini mioche ships within Canada and all of the mainland United States, plus Alaska and Hawaii. You can also pick up items at the showroom in Toronto.

They will arrange an exchange of an item within 30 days of purchase or online credit, but they don’t offer refunds.

What Makes mini mioche Eco-Friendly?

Earlier, I said that mini mioche is an eco-friendly business focused on sustainability and building a better future for the planet and everyone on it.

Behind that statement is the fact that the organic cotton yarn they use is GOTS certified, and the fabrics are dyed locally using non-toxic, low-impact dyes from renewable sources (no formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals are used at all in the dying process).

Other reasons include:

  • Their fabrics are knit locally and ethically in Toronto.
  • The fabrics are dyed locally and sustainably with low-impact natural dye.
  • The factories are visited regularly and fair living wages are provided.
  • No plastic bags are used for shipping.
  • Other shipping materials and tags are made with recycled material and can be recycled.

You can purchase mini mioche products knowing they’re safe for your baby and yourself, plus a better choice for the environment.

How Does mini mioche Give Back to the Community?

mini mioche is not just an eco-friendly business. They also have their own programs, as well as supporting other community efforts.

In-Store Donation Program

They have an in-store donation program where you can bring in gently used kids’ clothing and footwear and they’ll donate it for you, offering a discount on your next purchase.

Supporting Community Efforts

mini mioche also partners with and supports community organizations such as The Teresa Group, The New Moms Project, LGBT Youthline, and Black Health Alliance. It’s an excellent use of their brand power.

The Kind Human Club

On their website, you’ll also find The Kind Human Club, sharing blog posts about products, wellness, parenting, and community, and centered around the practice of mindfulness.

As you can see, mini mioche is concerned about much more than their bottom line. They have invested in caring for the planet and people.

You’ll find eco-friendly baby clothes and more at mini mioche. Like tentree, it’s another eco-conscious Canadian company striving to make a difference for the planet and the people on it.

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