Canadians are moving their shopping habits online and are looking for online thrift stores in Canada.

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Shopping at thrift stores is becoming a popular, eco-friendly way to save money and protect the environment with sustainable wardrobe habits.

There are online thrift stores in Canada, and others that will ship to Canada from other countries. Shipping costs varying from store to store, and sometimes it’s free.

Online Thrift Stores in Canada

There are online thrift stores in Canada where you can do the browsing and shopping from home and have your items shipped.

Some of the stores offer free shipping, while others have shipping costs. And, there are some stores that ship from outside Canada.

Here is a list of some available options:

This is a list of well-known online thrift stores in Canada that will get you started with your online thrifting.

Thrift Stores on Etsy Canada

You can also go to Etsy Canada and do a search for phrases such as “secondhand clothes Canada,” “vintage in Canada,” “thrift in Canada,” or “used clothing in Canada.”

These types of searches in the Etsy search bar will turn up a wide range of thrift items and shops that are available in Canada.

Local Thrift Stores Online

Another option is to search for secondhand stores in your local area. You may find they have a website where you can shop for items and pick them up or have them shipped to you.

If you’re in an urban area, there may be hundreds of thrift stores in the surrounding region and some may offer delivery in the local area.

Social Media Marketplaces and Buy and Sell Groups

If you’re a fan of using social media, you might want to check out the Canadian social media marketplaces and buy and sell groups.

With these options, you can cast your net as near or far as you like. But be aware that you usually have to pick these items up. However, it also depends on if the person is willing to arrange delivery or ship it to you.

Keep in mind, too, that you are usually dealing with a stranger online in these circumstances, so take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from scams.

The Advantages of Online Thrifting

Online thrifting is becoming popular, not just for potential savings, but also because consumers are becoming more aware of how unsustainable the clothing industry is.

The “fast fashion” way of maintaining your wardrobe is causing untold damage to the earth’s resources, and buying secondhand items is a way to help care for the environment.

Some advantages of online thrifting include:

  • Giving used items a new life.
  • Saving the planet’s resources.
  • Supporting local businesses.
  • Saving on your budget.
  • Shopping from home.
  • Finding a large selection of vintage items.

There are many good reasons to do thrift shopping online, and it’s an option that’s here to stay. So, taking time to learn how to do it well is a good idea.

With that in mind, I’ll share some tips for making the most of online thrift shopping.

Tips for Online Thrift Shopping

While online thrifting is growing in popularity and is a good idea to reduce the impact of fast fashion and our “throwaway culture,” you’ll want to be aware of a few things:

  • Check out the return/refund policy before you buy.
  • Check out the shipping policy to make sure it’s worth the cost.
  • Be cautious with online purchases from strangers.
  • Make sure the item is not actually a wholesale item.
  • Watch for deceptive phrases like “vintage-inspired.”
  • Know that online thrifting takes time to get it right.
  • Set a budget to keep from overspending.

As you can see, there are online thrift stores in Canada, plus other online options to buy secondhand clothing and other items.

Learning to do this type of shopping well will save on your budget while helping to protect the planet’s valuable resources.

2 thoughts on “Is There a Canadian Online Thrift Store?”

  1. Hi Stella,

    I really like your post and the topic you address. My wife is Canadian and is always looking economical ways to save and enjoy a “good find” in such places. I didn’t know that it was an option to shop for such things online…which is so much more convenient as an option these days.

    Thanks for sharing.

    L, Sammy

    1. Yes, the online option is becoming more popular all the time, and it does provide convenience when we can’t go out as much as we’re used to. It’s a matter of using online thrift shopping in a way that makes it beneficial to the environment.

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