Here are 7 easy ways to declutter your living room. It’s fine for it to look lived in, but to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, you’ll need to keep the clutter at bay.

Tip number 7 will help you keep it that way.

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1. Reduce Wall Decorations

Wall décor comes down to personal taste, but keep in mind that you don’t need to display every photo you own, nor do you need to fill every blank space on every wall with a decoration.

Instead, use photos, paintings, and wall décor to complement your space. Surrounding them with empty wall space will make them stand out more and become a focal point.

If you have several photos you want to show, group them in a smaller size in a composite frame or a tighter cluster on the wall.

Again, go with your own preferences in your own home. But too much on the walls can look cluttered and distracting if you’re going for a minimal effect.

2. Tidy Toy Clutter

It’s natural and healthy for children to spread out their things and play on the floor and rugs. But it’s equally important for them to learn that regular tidying up is part of daily routines.

Keep attractive baskets or bins in the living room to put toys in when they’re not in use. Guide children to do a general tidy-up once a day. Having them do their clean-up before bedtime is a good routine to establish.

If you don’t want to keep the toys in the living room, put them in the baskets and bins and carry them to a different room such as the bedroom or toy room.

3. Select Special Books to Display

Just like wall art, you don’t need to have every book you own on display in your living room. It’s less cluttered if you store a few favorites in a simple bookcase that complements your décor.

Bookcases and book storage can work in other rooms, too. You don’t have to have a large library or massive bookcases dominating the living room. Bookshelves work well in hallways, kitchens, and bedrooms, too.

You might also choose not to include a bookshelf in the living room at all. Instead, you could select a few special editions to place on a coffee table or wall shelf.

4. Hide Electrical Cords

Heaps of tangled electrical cords behind and around furniture look cluttered, unsightly, and do nothing for your home décor.

Find a way to hide and minimize the use of long trails of electrical cords for your electronic devices in the living room. If you search online, there are many products available today to help you tuck those cords out of sight.

One thing you can do is keep cords for charging things in a different room, like a home office or bedroom.

5. Use Throw Pillows Sparingly

Throw pillows are one of those accessories that can be an excellent way to add to a room, or they can be a disaster if overdone.

Generally, from a minimalist point of view, if you need to move several of them to find a place to sit, you’ve gone too far.

Choose accent cushions carefully to work with your space and furniture, without creating a pile or making it look cluttered.

One or two throw pillows in a contrasting color or texture will create an eye-catching focal point to make your room pop without overdoing it.

6. Embrace Bare Furniture

Keep furniture in the living down to what is needed, plus maybe a couple of accent tables or shelves. And, don’t be afraid to let them speak for themselves.

Just like wall décor, you don’t have to fill every surface in the living room with decorative items and knickknacks.

Sometimes the piece of furniture is decoration enough, and the surface can be left bare, especially if it’s a particularly unique or ornate item.

A wrought iron or carved side table makes a very decorative addition to a living room, without piling items on top to cover them up. Vintage pieces work well for this decorative yet less cluttered effect.

7. Do a Morning (or Evening) Tidy

As promised at the beginning of the post, here’s the tip to help you make your decluttering efforts last longer. Just as children need to learn to do a regular tidy-up, so do we adults, too.

Each morning, or evening if it works better, do a general tidy up of the living room. Straighten pillows, tuck away cords, pick up dishes and trash, and clear off surfaces.

It’s a powerful teaching strategy if you do your tidying up when the children are doing their toy clean-up because they can see and learn from your example.

This routine will quickly become a habit if you make it a point. Eventually, you’ll just do it automatically.

So, there you have some simple suggestions for keeping the living room tidier and embracing your inner minimalist.

Use these 7 easy tips to declutter your living room and keep it looking tidy all the time, not just occasionally.

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