During the long winter months in Canada, you’re probably looking for eco-friendly ways to freshen indoor air. It can become quite stale when it becomes important to keep heat in and costs low.

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This is not the best arrangement for your health, plus unpleasant smells can build up and leave your home smelling not so nice from cooking, pets, and general living odors.

However, you don’t have to live like that or use harsh chemicals to eliminate the odors that linger. Use the following eco-friendly tips to freshen your indoor air.

And, check out the busted myth at the end. A widely reported method of purifying indoor air is actually not true it seems.

1. Open a Window or Door

While this may not seem like a very practical idea in the dead of winter in Canada, it can be done for a few minutes to get some fresh air into your house or apartment.

Turn the heat down, so you aren’t wasting electricity, then open a window or two (or a door) for a few minutes to get a burst of fresh air. You can also put on some warmer clothing, so it doesn’t feel so uncomfortable.

It’s also something you can do if the weather has an unexpected mild spell, which sometimes happens over the course of the winter.

2. Use Your Ventilation Fans

If you have ventilation fans in the bathroom and kitchen, use them often to expel stale air and odors. It’s very important to do this in the kitchen where odors from cooking build up.

Equally important, you don’t want moisture or dampness to build up in the washroom or other areas of your home.

If you don’t already have ventilation fans in your home, it’s an important renovation to consider, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. It’s important for your health and to preserve the condition of the structure.

3. Buy an Eco-Friendly Air Purifier

If you don’t have an air exchanger system in your home, you could buy an eco-friendly air purifier or something like an air purifying bag made with charcoal and bamboo.

If you go this route, make sure to do your homework and find a product that really is environmentally-friendly. Don’t fall for greenwashing hype that doesn’t deliver on the promise of being good for the planet and your own health.

4. Take a Walk

While taking a walk doesn’t actually doing anything to freshen the air inside your home, it will help you to get some fresh air and feel better. And, it’s an excellent way to connect with nature.

To ward off the winter blahs and the effects of stale indoor air, bundle up in warm clothes and get outside during the colder months.

Even better, find some outdoor activities like snowshoeing, skiing, or skating that you can enjoy regularly. It will keep you from being cooped up inside for weeks on end.

Next, get the goods on a busted myth that many people believe.

Busted Myth: Plants Purify Indoor Air

It is widely reported that plants will purify the air in an indoor space. In fact, it’s almost taken for granted to the point where no one questions it, and people repeat this idea without a second thought.

However, the idea that plants purify air was started based on one study, and the myth is now busted by scientists who say it isn’t true to the point it would be of any real benefit.

It would take a huge amount of plants to have even a small effect on air quality, and in that case, they would probably cause humidity problems. So, enjoy your plants by all means, but don’t fill the house thinking they will freshen the air.

Use these tips during the long Canadian winter to freshen the indoor air in your home and feel better while being kinder to the environment.

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