A mattress is a significant item to purchase, and environmentally-conscious Canadians will want to know if there are eco-friendly mattresses in Canada.

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If you are concerned about the chemicals used to manufacture mattresses and disposing of them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find there are eco-friendly mattresses available in Canada.

But first, let’s look at what makes up an environmentally-friendly mattress.

What Is an Eco-Friendly Mattress?

When you’re in the market for an eco-friendly mattress, there are some specific things to look for, and they may depend on whether you want a traditional coil spring mattress or a more modern foam mattress.

But there is also plenty of overlap in what to watch out for.

The unfortunate thing about many mattresses is they’re made from synthetic materials such as petroleum-based polyester or polyurethane foam. This isn’t healthy for the planet or your own health.

One of the things you should look for in an eco-friendly mattress is something known as eco-labels. These labels let you know that the materials used are a safer choice.

The labels include:

1. Global Organic Latex Standard

The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) addresses natural rubber criteria from certified organic plantations (United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program or EU). A product must contain more than 95 percent of certified organic raw material to qualify.

2. Global Organic Textile Standard

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fiber certification for wool, kapok, and cotton. It doesn’t allow the use of chemicals often used in textile processing that can cause cancer, congenital disabilities, and other health concerns.


OEKO-TEX certifies natural latex. “Since 1992, our portfolio of independent certifications and product labels has enabled companies along the textile chain and all consumers to make responsible decisions in favor of products that are harmless to health, environmentally friendly and manufactured in a fair way.”

4. Responsible Down Standard

Responsible Down Standard (RDS) “aims to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to any unnecessary harm. It is our hope that the standard can be used to reward and influence the down and feather industry to incentivize practices that respect the humane treatment of ducks and geese.”

Besides looking for labeling that tells you if the mattress is an eco-friendly product, you can also ask the sales staff if chemicals have been used to repel stains and water.

Other Notes about Eco-Friendly Mattresses

A couple of things to keep in mind about choosing an environmentally-friendly mattress is:

  • it will likely cost you more than a traditional mattress and will be an investment.
  • it may arrive in separate pieces or layers that will require some assembly on your part.
  • check the return/refund policy carefully before you purchase in case any issues arise after you receive your product.

Another good idea is to ask if they have a disposal program for your old mattress. It’s not legal to dump a mattress in a landfill, so check with your waste management authority if you need to get rid of yours.

Next, we’ll take a look at some companies that offer more eco-friendly choices for mattresses right here in Canada.

Eco-Friendly Mattresses in Canada

Check out these companies to see if they have what you’re looking for in terms of an eco-friendly mattress available here in Canada:


Obasan has taken over the Sleeptek company, and all products are now sold under the Obasan umbrella. This company has the following certification:

  • GOTS organic cotton
  • GOLS organic rubber
  • GOTS organic wool

The mattresses and other products produced by Obasan are handmade and go through rigorous quality control standards before you receive them.

It’s worth looking through the website thoroughly to get a full picture of what goes into their products before you purchase from them.

Sunshine Mattress Co.

The Sunshine Mattress Co. has a physical shop in Toronto and ships anywhere in Canada. They have the following certifications:

  • GOLS Organic Latex
  • GOTS Organic Wool
  • GOTS Organic Cotton

This company also offers other non-toxic products for your bedding needs, such as pillows, duvets, protectors, sheets, and toppers. Again, examine their website and ask questions to get the full story behind their products before you purchase.

These are two examples of companies with good certification, and that appear to be conscious of how they produce and supply bedding products such as mattresses.

The nice thing is that they are Canadian companies that you can access here at home. However, do your research, and you may find other manufacturers to choose from.

Just be wary of the concept of greenwashing that we discuss below. Everything in the world of eco-friendly products is not always what it seems to be.

Greenwashing in Mattress Promotion

One thing to be very careful of if you want to purchase a truly eco-friendly mattress product is to be on the lookout for “greenwashing.”

This is when a manufacturer or retailer tries to use language in a way that makes their product sound more “green” or eco-friendly than it actually is.

Products need to have regulated certification labels as outlined above to demonstrate their environmental value. It’s easy to bandy about terms like “organic” and “pure,” but they may not tell the whole picture about what’s actually included in the product, or it’s manufacturing methods.

Remember that organic regulations are not as strict for physical goods as it is for food, so you may get duped. And, some companies will promote their charitable contributions to steer your focus away from the whole story of how the products are produced.

Along with efforts such as composting activities, choosing green products like an eco-friendly mattress is an excellent way to reduce your environmental footprint and help to heal our planet home.

6 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Mattresses in Canada”

  1. Eco-friendly mattresses tend to be made from organic cotton or wool and have spring coils that aren’t coated in chemicals. Researching about this, I have come across good reviews about Obasan mattresses. They seem to be comfortable. And most customers are impressed with how fast it was shipped and delivered! 

    1. Yes, if you’re in the market for an eco-friendly mattress in Canada, Obasan is definitely a company worth checking out. We spend so much time sleeping, it’s nice to be able to do it in a way that’s better for the environment.

  2. Wow, great coverage and introduction to eco-friendly mattresses in Canada! I never knew there we can search for organic certified latex and textiles that could be found in a mattress, which seems really interesting when purchasing one, knowing that we are using less processed materials for bedding products. 

    I’ve been changing my consumer habits to use OEKO-TEX certified products in bath towels, sheets, etc; as the fabrics/textiles feels more natural (or softer), and that hopefully it is friendly to the natural environment around us.

    Thank you also for highlighting the aspect of greenwashing, as the point is very relevant that the retailer/marketer may exaggerate the mattress is eco-friendly without proper certification that it is. Its good you mentioned the basic labels to look out for when in search for the REAL environmentally friendly mattresses, such as global organic latex standard, etc. 

    Personally, I also found it hard to keep up with organic/eco-friendly products as it usually costs more than the non variants. Although, I am seeking to invest into several more natural, less harmful and pure products that uses less chemicals; and after coming across your article, its nice to read that mattresses have such labelled features which could be a good investment to make.

    Good article and informative read to make us buyers more conscious on the environment while also being aware of greenwashing when searching for the right mattress! Keep it up!

    1. Yes, greenwashing is a problem, and hopefully will be less of one as time goes on and consumers are savvier to its existence. Plus, there are more and better regulations each year, which should help reduce the negative greenwashing effect.

      Yes, you’re right, the price of eco-friendly products is sometimes a deterrent to people. But in many cases, they are of better quality and last longer, which makes them cost-effective in the long run if you can afford the initial purchase price. Hopefully, that won’t always be the case and prices on environmentally-friendly items will drop in the future.

  3. Thank you so much for this well-written article. I am absolutely with you. It is so important to choose a good and healthy mattress. We are sleeping 6 to 8 hours on it every day. This has to be done with quality eco-friendly mattresses. Of course, it costs more than the standard mattress, but it is our health! Sleep is one of the most important things we do every single day. We regenerate and heal our bodies while sleeping. I like the Obasan mattress the most. Cotton, Rubber, Wool all organic materials. Thank you so much for this important article. Have a great day. Monique

    1. Yes, sleep is very important and what we sleep on plays a big role, plus we want to be eco-friendly for the environment. An eco-friendly mattress can cover both issues for sure, especially once we know what to look for.

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