This eco-friendly homemade shampoo recipe is not expensive to make. Along with helping the environment, you’ll be amazed at the amount of money you can save by making your own shampoo.

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An added benefit to making your own shampoo is you’ll avoid applying harsh chemicals to your hair.

The following shampoo recipes are fully biodegradable, which makes them an eco-friendly choice that’s better for the environment.

Options for Hair Type

You’re given some options with the recipes below, so you can choose the shampoo best suited to your hair type. But, you can start with the base that’s suitable for hair types.

Use Caution with New Ingredients

As a note of caution, if you use any natural ingredient that you haven’t used before, test a small amount on your skin before you use it more liberally. Always be on the alert for any allergic reactions.

Make Your Homemade Shampoo Base

This base is suitable for all hair types. You can store the prepared base in a jar for an indefinite period. Just add the herbal oils you choose to enhance your hair to the prepared base to make your personalized shampoo.

Shampoo Base Recipe:

  1. Simmer 4 cups of distilled water in a pan.
  2. Add 100g of finely grated pure soap to the water.
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring constantly.
  4. Continue stirring until the grated pure soap dissolves.
  5. Pour the cooled mixture into a jar.

This is the shampoo base that you can personalize for your hair type with the information on herbal oils outlined below.

Choose Herbal Oils for Your Hair Type

Just as people are all different, so is hair. It can be oily, dry, or normal. Once you have the homemade shampoo base made, you can add the following herbal oils to adjust it for your specific hair type.

Oily Hair:

If your hair is oily, take 1/3 cup of the shampoo base and add 1 drop of basil oil, 2 drops of sage oil, 5 drops of rosemary oil, and 15 drops of lemon oil.

Dry Hair:

If you generally have dry hair, take 1/3 cup of shampoo base and add 1 drop of sandalwood oil, 2 drops of lavender oil, 12 drops of almond oil, and 5 drops of carrot oil.

Normal Hair:

If your hair falls into the normal range, take 1/3 cup of shampoo base and add 2 drops of rosemary oil, 5 drops of lemon oil, and 5 drops of carrot oil.

Along with shampoo, you can also make your own homemade herbal hair rinse. It’s a nice addition to your natural hair care routine.

Homemade Herbal Hair Rinse

This herbal rinse is suitable for all hair types. If your hair coloring is medium brown, brown, or black choose rosemary. If your hair coloring is blonde, light brown, or red choose chamomile.

Herbal Hair Rinse Method:

  1. Place 1/4 cup of your chosen dried herb into a bowl.
  2. Add 8 cups of boiling water to the bowl.
  3. Allow the mixture to cool.
  4. Strain the cooled mixture through muslin.
  5. After shampooing your hair, pour the mixture through your hair and massage it well into your scalp.

While the shampoo and rinse work well individually, you can also use the information below to create an all-in-one product for greater convenience.

Homemade All-in-One Shampoo and Rinse

To the basic shampoo recipe, add an herbal infusion and you will have the perfect all-in-one shampoo and rinse.

Herbal Infusion Method:

  1. Add 1 teaspoon of dried herbs, such as rosemary for dark hair or chamomile for light hair, to 1/4 cup of hot water.
  2. Allow the mixture to stand for approximately 1/2 hour.
  3. Once the mixture is cool, strain it and add it to the basic shampoo recipe.
  4. Stir until the ingredients are well mixed.
  5. Pour your mixture into a jar and it is ready to use.

This is a simple way to add a herbal infusion to the shampoo base that you started with, so you’re only dealing with one product.

Next, something for those times when you don’t have time to do a full shampoo.

Homemade Emergency Dry Shampoo

If you do not have time to shampoo, try this quick and easy-to-use dry shampoo. You can make up a quantity of this dry shampoo in advance and use it as required.

Emergency Dry Shampoo Method:

  1. To 1/4 cup of oatmeal, add 1 teaspoon crushed lavender and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
  2. Place all ingredients in a plastic bag.
  3. Crush the bag with a rolling pin until the ingredients are ground together.
  4. Sprinkle the ground ingredients into your hair.
  5. Massage your hair gently with your fingertips for approximately 5 minutes.
  6. Brush the mixture out of your hair.

Dry shampoo is not meant to replace your routine haircare with shampoo and/or rinse. It’s just convenient for times when you’re in a hurry.

Start with a base recipe and add oils to suit your hair type. Choose herbs to enhance your hair color. You will create the perfect shampoo for your hair. Use an all-in-one shampoo or a dry shampoo for convenience when you are traveling or unwell.

Make your own shampoo with natural ingredients and your hair will be naturally beautiful. Plus, just like making personalized homemade bath bombs, you’ll be friendlier to the environment and our planet.

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