If you enjoy decorating and you’re environmentally conscious, I’ve got 3 eco-friendly home décor ideas to help you with this aspect of your green journey.

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The first tip I cover is the basis of all eco-friendly living and is the most important thing to keep in mind when you engage in home décor efforts.

It may seem boring at first glance, but bear with me and you’ll see that it doesn’t have to be.

1. Make Do with What You Already Have

The biggest problem we’re facing in terms of pollution and waste is that we as consumers can’t control our spending habits and the overwhelming desire to have the newest or latest thing.

Buy Less for the Environment

And it follows that the best thing we can do for the environment is to buy and acquire less, in all areas of our lives, including home décor.

Take Stock of What You Own

So, when it comes to home décor, before you rush out to buy all new furniture and accessories, take stock of what you already have and see if you can make use of it.

Recover a Sofa

Instead of buying a new sofa, have the one you own recovered in a new fabric or cover the throw pillows in a completely different color scheme.

As I said earlier, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can go with a completely new and vibrant color scheme to change the look of a room.

Switch Up Artwork

Instead of buying new artwork for your walls, switch up what you already own to different rooms and locations before you add anything new.

Swap Carpets and Rugs

You can do the same thing with rugs and carpets. Before you decide to get new floor coverings, decide if what you already own will work well in another area of your home.

Save on Your Budget

Making do with what you already own, especially if it’s in great condition, will help you save on your decorating budget while it helps save the planet’s resources.

2. Shop Vintage and Secondhand

After you’ve taken stock of what you already have in the way of home décor, you may decide to replace some things or buy new items.

Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops

Before you go to the shopping malls or boutique stores, consider taking a look around the thrift stores and vintage shops.

These places are often treasure troves of overlooked home décor items that are in pristine condition. Items can include picture frames, fabric, small tables, antique pieces of furniture, vases, and vintage posters.

Budget Savings

You’ll save on your décor budget and recycle an item, which is better for the environment than if you’d bought it new.

Great for DIYers and Crafts

For the DIYers and crafty people, you can often find items to upcycle and turn into something new for your home.

So, before you go for the new décor items, take a stroll through your local secondhand store and see what’s available to breathe new life into.

3. Source Eco-Friendly Manufacturers

If you do decide to purchase some new items, make the effort to research the manufacturers and buy from those who follow eco-friendly practices.

Some Companies Make the Effort

Some companies are making the effort to follow sustainable practices and make more effort for the sake of our planet home. It can include things like low-VOC paint and sustainable furniture-making practices.

Be Aware of Greenwashing

Others still follow outdated and wasteful practices, while still other companies engage in greenwashing to convince consumers they’re eco-friendlier than they really are. Words like “pure” and “natural” can be misleading.

So, it’s worth taking the time to make the switch to supporting the corporations that are making the effort to go green.

You Don’t Need to Replace Everything

Again, as I pointed out earlier, it doesn’t mean replacing everything in your home right away. This can be a gradual shift to greener options as you need to replace things. It’s the more practical way to proceed.

And, when you do replace things, take time to see if your old item can be recycled or donated in a way that increases the life span.

All of the things you do to make your décor efforts better for the environment will create wins for us all in the future. Use the 3 eco-friendly home décor ideas above to form your green decorating plan.

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