One of the things I’ve been making the switch to is buying my clothes from eco-friendly Canadian clothing companies.

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It’s become evident that the garment industry is doing a huge amount of damage to the health of the planet. Shopping for new clothes wisely is one way to avoid contributing to the problem.

I don’t buy a lot of new clothing, but one company I’ve started with is tentree. It’s a Canadian company based out of British Columbia doing amazing things with sustainable clothing and planting trees.

First, I’ll give you some background on the tentree company, highlighting their policies and tree-planting program. Then, I’ll show you some of my personal tentree items and share what I think of them.

tentree Clothing in Canada

As I stated above, tentree is an eco-friendly Canadian company that I’ve bought clothing from.

Some of things I like about them include:

  • They’ve planted nearly 58,000,000 trees through their partnership programs.
  • 10 trees are planted for every item purchased.
  • They aim for the smallest footprint and circular supply chains.
  • tentree sources the most sustainable fibers and materials available.
  • There is a commitment to reduce packaging output.
  • Their partner factories are regularly audited to ensure compliance with the tentree Code of Conduct and international labor standards.
  • tentree is a certified B-corporation.

This list highlights some of the main things I like about this company. When I do add a new item of clothing to my wardrobe, it’s one of the places I go.

As for the packaging, I was impressed with how they try to reduce the plastic and the amount of packaging overall.

tentree clothing company reduces packaging
tentree reduces packaging

The image above shows the items I received in a package before I opened them individually. You can see how much less there is for each individual item. And, it certainly didn’t do the clothing any harm.

My tentree Eco-Friendly Clothing

Next, I’ll share info and personal notes about some of the items I’ve bought from the tentree company.

tentree clothing has a relaxed, casual style that suits my taste. It’s probably geared to a younger age group, but I think the designs will appeal to all demographics.

1. tentree Juniper Hoodie

tentree juniper hoodie
My tentree Juniper Hoodie

The first item is the tentree juniper hoodie. I love hoodies and was excited to add this one to my collection. I tend to feel cold often and live where summer only truly happens for a few weeks, so I wear my hoodies a lot.

This hoodie is made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL™ lyocell, and is very comfy.

My first impression of the juniper hoodie is that it feels like a quality piece and is warm enough for cooler days. It has a soft lining that adds warmth if you need it.

The only thing I didn’t like is the pockets are shallow. I tend to carry things in my pockets and like for them to be deeper so they don’t fall out.

But, other than the pockets, I love this piece and wear it often for walks or around the house on cooler days.

2. tentree Nepal Embroidered Yak T-Shirt

tentree Nepal embroidered yak t-shirt
My tentree Nepal Embroidered Yak T-Shirt

The next item is the tentree Nepal embroidered yak t-shirt. I love this piece and the adorable little embroidered yak. You can also get items with an embroidered llama in the Peru collection.

tentree embroidered yak t-shirt
tentree Embroidered Yak

The t-shirt is made from recycled polyester, Tencel® lyocell, and organic cotton. It has a very soft feel and is lightweight, which makes it great for warmer days.

I like the relaxed fit of this t-shirt because I tend to wear my clothes in a looser fit. It’s a little shorter than I would have liked, but it’s not a big deal.

This t-shirt goes anywhere and I wear it with jeans, casual skirts, sweatpants, and shorts. The yak gets lots of comments, too.

3. tentree TreeFleece Bamone Sweatpant

tentree Bamone Sweatpant
My tentree Bamone Sweatpant

The TreeFleece Bamone sweatpant is another comfortable and warm piece of clothing for the cooler days and evenings on the couch with my puzzle books.

They’re also made from recycled polyester, Tencel® lyocell, and organic cotton, making them another eco-friendly choice. And, they also have a soft lining like the Juniper hoodie.

The only issue with these is I like the legs to be a bit longer, but I know it’s probably the intended style. Again, not a big deal, since I love the way they fit and feel.

4. tentree Earth Day Everyday T-Shirt

tentree Earth Day Everyday T-Shirt
tentree Earth Day Everyday T-Shirt

tentree also has sales and discounted items, and they’ll put you on a waitlist when items sell out.

I bought the tentree Earth Day Everyday t-shirt in the sale bin for my husband and son. It’s also made of recycled polyester, Tencel® lyocell, and organic cotton.

The soft feel is very similar to the Yak t-shirt I bought for myself. They love it for warmer days because it’s so lightweight and breathable. And, it’s on the long side, which works well because they’re both tall.

tentree Earth Day Everyday Logo
tentree Earth Day Everyday Logo

It has a simple logo printed on it to remind us to make every day Earth Day and do what we can for the environment.

So, these are some of the items I first bought from tentree, and I’ve been pleased with their products.

I also love the colors of tentree clothing. They have a nice color selection for most items and they tend to be muted natural shades that I enjoy wearing.

Next, I’ll address a couple of other issues you are probably wondering about when it comes to this particular brand.

First, let’s look at taking care of your tentree clothing.

How to Care for tentree Clothing

How you care for your wardrobe plays a big role in how long your clothes last and how often you’ll need to replace items.

Most of the tentree clothing advises washing in cold water and hanging to dry. These are good environmental laundry practices anyway, so it makes sense.

And, using these methods will help preserve the fabric so you get more wear from them. You also don’t need to wash every item each time you wear it.

For example, I usually wear something like a t-shirt under my hoodies, so I don’t need to wash them every time I wear them. It really isn’t necessary and helps them to last a lot longer.

At this point, I haven’t owned my tentree clothing long enough to comment on if it wears well and lasts a long time for the cost. But, when enough time has passed, I will come back and update this post with my opinion.

The Cost of tentree Clothing

For most of us, cost and budget are always a factor when it comes to buying anything, including items for our wardrobe.

It’s one of the driving forces behind the fast fashion movement that is adding to the destruction of the environment.

But, like you, I have to make sure I’m not overspending when I buy new pieces of clothing.

You will pay more for a piece of clothing from tentree than you will for an item on the fast fashion level. But, you’ll also get a better quality product.

At that point, it comes down to the mindset of wanting new things more often.

If you can resist the temptation to always have new designs and styles, and if you can be content with wearing the same clothes for longer, you’ll maintain a much more eco-friendly wardrobe.

That logic is why I can afford to buy tentree clothing. I don’t have to buy a lot of clothing often. What I own lasts longer and needs less replacing. Plus, the company itself is eco-friendly, so it’s a win on both levels.

And, as I mentioned above, tentree does have sales and discounts that you can take advantage of to spend less. We don’t have to stop being frugal to save the planet.

So, there you have my account of my experience with tentree clothing so far. Up to now, I’ve been pleased with the shopping experience, the delivery, the quality of their products, and the styles and designs.

As I mentioned earlier, I will update this post as I wear the tentree clothing longer and care for them, but so far it’s been a choice that I feel good about.

10 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Canadian Clothing”

  1. People are buying more eco-friendly clothes which is very good, but some of these clothes are usually more expensive as well.

    I haven’t really thought of buying eco-friendly clothes, but I do buy fewer clothes. Only buy things I need and cheaper as well. I try not to buy designed clothes as well.

    Tentree sounds like a good company. Thanks for the insights. It’s a wake-up call for some of us. 

    1. Yes, you make good points. For myself, I find that the eco-friendly clothes from companies like tentree may cost a bit more, but they are generally better quality and last longer. The items I bought from tentree wear well. So, it’s not more expensive in the long run.

  2. Thank you for sharing this amazing article. Eco-friendly clothing companies are so few compared to others that when I see an article about one I get incredibly excited. With your experience with this company, do you know if they ship outside of Canada? I’m mostly worried about them shipping to the US. I know that’s just across the border but it would still count as international shipping I believe. Other concerns would be comfortability of the clothing, whether they run large/small or true to size, and how well they hold up after being washed and dried. 

    1. Yes, it’s always great to find companies that want to protect the environment, especially in the garment industry. I found the clothes from tentree to be good quality and very comfortable. For me, the sizes seemed to be true to size. For shipping and other information, it’s best to check their website in case they’ve changed the information.

  3. Tentree sounds like an interesting company to get quality clothes for all needs.

    I like the packaging, and the hoodie got me hooked. It will be nice to have some handy for the kids before winter.

    But, I haven’t seen many eco-friendly companies like Tentree around.

    So, can they ship clothes to Europe? 


    1. It’s best to follow the link to the tentree website in the post to get the most up-to-date and accurate information about their shipping, returns, and pricing policies.

  4. I’m coming across this company for the first time through your post. Seems they really have it figured out. Going forward, with the ever-increasing world population, eco-friendliness in all aspects of life will be a huge theme. People are getting more aware of the effects of plastics etc. Those who’ve already taken a lead will have an easier time since they’ll have already established a footprint.

    1. Yes, exactly, and these types of eco-friendly companies are creating the right type of footprint: a smaller one. I’ve also found the clothing I purchased from tentree wears well and lasts longer, cutting down how often you need to buy things. Plus, it’s super comfortable.

  5. This company sounds like they are truly making an effort to give as much as they take. 58,000,000 trees planted is an amazing number that shows their commitment to helping the world rather than just themselves. I thought the clothing looked stylish and comfortable as well. I’m with you on the topic of buying new items less and just wearing them for longer. Wonderful post!

    1. Yes, that’s a lot of trees. And, with the number of forest fires burning around the world lately, it’s a good idea. We’ll need a lot more, too, to make a difference.

      Yes, I really like the tentree clothing. It’s durable and very comfortable.

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