In Canada, bamboo sheets are a popular choice for bed linens. Bamboo is trending in the green market these days because it’s one of the most eco-friendly textiles.

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But, before I give you an example of a popular set of eco-friendly bamboo sheets available to order online in Canada, let’s look at what bamboo is.

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What Is Bamboo?

Although it looks like a tree, bamboo is a grass. It belongs to a plant family called Poaceae and has many varieties across different continents. And it’s the fastest growing plant on the planet.

Bamboo is a sustainable natural resource and has several uses. It’s used to make textiles, furniture, building materials, food sources, and many other products.

And, bamboo makes an excellent eco-friendly natural fabric for bed sheets.

Bamboo Sheets in Canada

Bamboo sheets set are available in Canada to order online, and the example of an eco-friendly bamboo product we chose to provide is the ZENLUSSO bamboo sheet set:

ZENLUSSO Bamboo Sheets

The ZENLUSSO bamboo sheets are an eco-friendly choice because they:

  • are OEKO-TEX® certified free of harmful chemicals and substances.
  • are made with the highest grade, 300TC organically grown bamboo viscose fibers.
  • have fiber and fabric production in the same country, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • partner with a manufacturing facility that is BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) audited.

The ZENLUSSO bamboo sheets are quality and soft, offering all the hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and temperature-regulating qualities of bamboo for a comfortable night’s sleep.

However, one thing to watch for is they tend to be oversized to account for possible shrinkage. So, you may find them loose unless you wash them first.

Bamboo also has a tendency to wrinkle easily, so be prepared for a certain amount of wrinkling. You can iron them if you want a smoother fit. Taking them out of the dryer right away or hanging them to dry may help, too.

But, as long as you understand the pros and cons of using bamboo sheets, the ZENLUSSO bamboo bed sheets are an affordable and eco-friendly choice.

If you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of using bamboo for bed sheets, continue reading the next two sections.

And, if you’re interested in learning more about the eco-friendly benefits of bamboo, plus the different kinds of bamboo fabric, there’s more about that below, too.

Why Does Bamboo Fabric Make Good Bed Sheets?

There are many reasons why you might prefer bamboo bedsheets over the other ones available in the market.

Bamboo sheets are super soft and silky and help you get a cozy sleep at night. Moreover, these sheets retain their softness and stretchability even after multiple washes and are exceptionally durable.

Bamboo has moisture-wicking properties, which means that it does not absorb sweat or oil from your skin.

This means your sheets won’t change their color over time but will continue looking brand new for years to come. These sheets are also resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew and stay fresh for a long time.

Breathability is another important consideration when you are looking for comfortable bedsheets. Bamboo sheets adjust to your body temperature, making them highly breathable. So, they keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.

The temperature-regulating and breathable qualities of bamboo sheets also make them a good choice to use with a weighted blanket so you can enjoy the benefits without overheating.

If you are looking for eco-friendly bedsheets, then bamboo linen and bamboo lyocell are great options because they have little environmental impact.

Also, bamboo requires 90% less water than cotton. No pesticides are used in its production, making bamboo bedsheets sustainable and beneficial for the environment.

The Disadvantages of Bamboo for Bed Sheets

Although they have so many benefits, bamboo sheets do have a few cons as well. Bamboo sheets need special care if you want them to last a long time.

These sheets should be washed in cold water, and you should opt for a gentle cycle so that the fabric retains its beneficial properties.

They also wrinkle easily, so if you want smooth sheets, you’ll need to gently iron them.

Lastly, many people find bamboo sheets expensive. Still, if you compare their prices to good quality cotton, then you will find them reasonable.

Moreover, bamboo sheets are durable, so you don’t need to invest in new ones for many years, saving you money in the long run.

The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo farming is renewable, as well as a sustainable practice. Some of the benefits of this unique plant include:

Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly plants because it does not need fertilizers and pesticides for its growth. It does not get infected by insects or pests easily, so bamboo products are safer because they usually don’t have harmful chemicals.

Compared to cotton crops and many other plants, bamboo does not need a large amount of water, which helps to conserve this important resource.

This plant also takes in more carbon dioxide and helps remove this greenhouse gas from the environment. Moreover, it produces more oxygen than many other plants, so it is excellent for the atmosphere.

Bamboo is a natural cellulose fiber; it is 100% biodegradable. It gets decomposed with the help of sunlight and microorganisms. Moreover, its decomposition does not produce any harmful gases that pollute the environment.

Bamboo fabric feels somewhat like silk and can quickly adapt to the temperature of the environment. So, it keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters.

The Different Types of Bamboo Fabric

There are various textiles produced using bamboo, and they are referred to as bamboo fabrics. In fact, bamboo fabrics have been used in Asia for centuries, but it is relatively new to the western world.

Bamboo fabric is manufactured from the pulp of bamboo stock. It is heavily pulped until it forms thin threads of cellulose. These threads are then spun into a yarn, which is further dyed and woven to make bamboo cloth.

According to the Competition Bureau of Canada, all the fibers made with cellulose obtained from plants are called ‘Rayon.’

These are the different types of bamboo fabrics:

Mechanically Produced Bamboo Fabric

It is perhaps the only pure bamboo fabric on the market and is also referred to as bamboo linen. To produce this fabric, bamboo wood fibers are treated with natural enzymes. These are then washed and spun into yarns that have a very silky texture.

Bamboo fabrics made with the mechanical method are eco-friendly and durable. But this process is time-consuming and requires more labor, so most of the bamboo is produced using a chemical rather than a mechanical method.

Bamboo Lyocell

This fabric is manufactured by dissolving raw bamboo in a non-toxic solution. Bamboo lyocell fabric, although produced chemically, does not change the structure of cellulose. This means that it retains many natural qualities of bamboo and is also good for the environment.

Both bamboo linen and bamboo lyocell are eco-friendly choices. If you are looking for natural bamboo fabric, you can opt for either of these.

Bamboo Viscose

Most of the bamboo fabric available across the world is bamboo viscose. It involves breaking bamboo and dissolving it in a solution. Once the bamboo softens, it is made into fibers and then spun into a yarn.

Although it is relatively cheaper to manufacture, the chemicals used in the process are corrosive and harmful to the environment.

Blended Cotton

These days, bamboo fabrics are also available in a combined form mixed with cotton. Blending bamboo with cotton makes it stronger, but the material loses its softness.

Also, it would have more chemicals in it because cotton manufacturing uses a variety of chemicals unless it is completely organic and meets environmental standards.

As you can see, the pros of bamboo sheets can outweigh the cons, making them a good choice for sleep and the environment. Many Canadians are opting to go with eco-friendly bamboo sheets in Canada.

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