Stella of My Life with Less Blog.

Hi there;

I’m Stella, and I strive to live with less. Hence, the name of this blog: My Life with Less.

With the climate crisis in our world today, I truly feel it’s vital to do all we can to protect and heal the environment of our planet.

It falls to us all individually, nationally, and globally to take every step to reduce waste, reuse what we can, and recycle everything that is used.

The world is drowning in our societal excesses. There’s just too much of everything, and it’s polluting the environment at an alarming rate.

In this blog, I share ideas and information for eco-friendly routines, living a minimalist lifestyle, leaving a smaller environmental footprint, and using intentional living to make healthier choices for us all.

No one gets it all right all the time, but every small step we take adds up to bigger wins in the future.

You don’t have to make huge drastic changes overnight. Start where you can and add things as you go. You’ll find you’re making a difference before you know it.

Here’s to a healthier planet home,