This guide for eco-friendly dishwashing addresses one of the most common daily tasks in most kitchens: the clean up after meals. And, depending on how you go about it, it can also be a source of waste.

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Use this comprehensive guide for eco-friendly dishwashing to make sure your meal cleanup is easier on the environment and part of your eco-friendly kitchen plan.

In this article, we cover dishwashing accessories, a recipe for DIY dish soap, and some points about whether a dishwasher is an eco-friendly option for cleaning your dishes.

Use the following tips to be an eco-friendly dish washer:

Tips for Eco-Friendly Dishwashing

These are some options for cleaning your dishes and pots with green accessories.

Don’t Buy Plastic Sponges and Brushes

Try to resist the urge to keep buying plastic sponges, scrubbers, and dishwashing brushes. They eventually wear out and end up in the landfill, where they don’t do anyone any good.

Use Reusable Dishcloths

Using a reusable dishcloth made from a sustainable fabric that can be composted is your best bet for being green with your dishwashing. You can make these dishcloths yourself or purchase them.

Use a Plant-Based Dish Brush

You can also buy a plant-based dish brush, and some come with replaceable heads. They are often compostable and made in a sustainable way. If you take care of them, they can last a long time.

Don’t Let the Tap Run to Rinse Dishes

If you let the tap run to rinse the dishes, you’ll waste a considerable amount of water. It’s better to fill a basin or second sink with clean water to rinse the dishes before they go into the draining tray.

The tips outlined above are some of the things you can do to have eco-friendly dishwashing accessories and practices. Next, we’ll look at the dish soap.

Eco-Friendly Dish Soap Recipe

Some commercial dish liquids and soaps have harmful chemicals such as phosphates, sodium lauryl sulfate, diethanolamine, and fragrances.

You can make use of baking soda, buy an eco-friendly dish soap, or make your own homemade dish soap. Either option will be better for your own health and the environment.

If you want to make your own eco-friendly dish soap, you can use the following recipe:

DIY Homemade Dish Soap Recipe

Make your own DIY homemade dish soap and you’ll know exactly what the ingredients are.


  • 1 ½ cups (360ml) water
  • ¼ cup (25g) grated castile soap
  • 1 tbsp (10g) washing soda
  • A reusable container for the soap


  1. Add all of the ingredients to a suitable pot and heat them until everything dissolves.
  2. Give the mixture time to cool.
  3. Transfer the liquid into your reusable container. Use a funnel for less mess.

If you have the time and inclination, this homemade dish soap recipe is an excellent way to save costs and make sure you’re getting exactly what you want in an eco-friendly dish product.

Are Dishwashers Eco-Friendly?

There is much debate about whether dishwashers are an eco-friendly option for cleaning dishes. And, sometimes it will depend on how many people live in the home and how efficient it is to use one.

Here are some points to consider if you use a dishwasher:

  • Choose the most energy-efficient model you can.
  • Scrape the dishes clean instead of using the rinse cycle.
  • Only run the dishwasher when it is full.
  • Take care of the appliance so it lasts as long as possible.
  • Use an eco-friendly dishwasher detergent.

Many newer models of dishwashers are designed to be as efficient as possible and are equal to handwashing in the amount of water and energy they use. However, you do have to consider the fact that they have to be manufactured, transported, and disposed of later.

Plus, if you use “gray water” from your dishwashing for other nonpotable things like watering the garden, bathing the dog, or washing the car, you won’t have that option with a dishwasher because it all goes out in the waste system. However, if it gets treated and reused in your municipal system, it’s still a win.

Use the guide for eco-friendly dishwashing outlined above to help you make your meal cleanup routine as green and eco-friendly as possible. It will help to create a better future for your family and to care for the environment.

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